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Welcome to Kris's Holistic Wellness Collective!

Kris is a beacon of knowledge and inspiration in the realm of holistic wellness. With a deep passion for supporting fellow practitioners, She specialises in providing advanced training, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities for qualified healers, coaches, meditation teachers, face yoga teachers, and other wellness professionals.

Advanced Training and Workshops:

Kris offers specialised advanced training programmes and workshops designed specifically for qualified practitioners like you. These programmes delve into advanced techniques, cutting-edge research, and innovative approaches within your respective fields. Enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and elevate your practice to new heights under Kris's expert guidance.

Mentorship and Professional Development:

As an experienced practitioner, Kris understands the importance of ongoing mentorship and professional development. She provides personalised mentorship programs, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Benefit from Kris's wealth of experience, gain invaluable insights, and receive guidance on navigating the challenges and opportunities within your practice.

Collaborative Opportunities:

At the Holistic Wellness Collective, collaboration is at the heart of our philosophy. Kris believes in the power of collective wisdom and encourages practitioners to come together, share their expertise, and create synergistic collaborations. Through collaborative workshops, retreats, and projects, Kris fosters a supportive community where like-minded practitioners can network, learn from one another, and collectively contribute to the growth of the holistic wellness field.

Elevate Your Practice with Kris:

Kris is committed to helping qualified practitioners like you take your practice to the next level. Whether you seek advanced training, personalised mentorship, collaborative projects, or a vibrant community to connect with, she provides the resources and support necessary for your continued growth and success.

Join the Holistic Wellness Collective Facebook Group today (click Here) and become part of a thriving community of practitioners dedicated to raising the bar in the holistic wellness field.

Contact Kris (here)  to learn more about our advanced training programs, mentorship opportunities, and upcoming collaborative projects. Together, let's inspire, learn, and create a positive impact in the world of holistic wellness.

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