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Natural Products for Natural Skin

Sav-ee Skin’s founder, Kris, started formulating skin products to help with her own hyper-sensitive and reactive skin, due to psoriasis, eczema and auto-immune conditions. It changed her life.

Sav_ee Skin was born in 2020 using natural, vegan, chemical-free ingredients, incorporating crystal magic to empower confidence and self -esteem, backed by nearly 40 years in the beauty and holistic

Kris’s main aim is to help you feel good in the skin you’re in, without having to compromise on luxury and fun!

Sav_ee Skin are constantly researching ways to ditch the plastic and promote an environmentally friendly world, kind to animals.
Made in Wales.


Having been in the beauty and holistic industry for almost 40 years, Kris has worked and trained for many skin care houses and treated many skins. During the first lockdown of 2020, the beauty industry was hit hard and obviously Kris couldn’t see her clients. Having had enough of her own skin issues that was just increasing, Kris decided to fulfil a life-long dream of making her own skin products- Little did she think that she would be making soap!

‘For years I have told the soap loving clients not to use soap as it is so drying, however, I was led to learning how to make ‘proper’ soap, that led me further into the science of ingredients, deeper than ever before. I can honestly say it changed my skin’s life! Like many things, soap has become altered over time to suit commercial needs and not the needs of people’s skin and if you have skin like mine, that cannot tolerate shower gels, let alone the usual brands of soap, you will know what I mean. We all want to feel clean, but not stripped of oils or tight
skin, which impacts the skin health in due course.’

Skin health can be measured by how quickly it returns to a good condition (and if it does). If your skin isn’t healthy, it can impact your skin and your whole body! The skin is the largest organ of the body and the first step to protection against unwanted invaders and your immunity. It was paramount to create something therapeutic, and chemical free as Kris is chemically sensitive, so only natural ingredients are used, no skin blocking mineral oil, no alcohols or perfumes, no
parabens or chemicals that penetrate the body, only natural, skin loving plants, butters, waxes, essential oils and herbs.

Be Sav_ee about your skin. It’s precious.

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